Most times I see people leaving their relationship due to constant arguments. Some even leave home for few days after arguing with their partner. Well the truth behind all of these is that it is normal to argue in relationships but what isn’t right is breaking up due to constant arguments. If you love somebody, you shouldn’t think of leaving because of arguments, without arguments in a relationship, the love wouldn’t grow. One thing everyone should know is that arguments and fights in a relationship makes the love in that relationship to grow more than how it was. So if your relationship is full of arguments and fights it is very normal, all you have to do is learn how to minimize the argument and work on whatever causes the argument, then make things right. Also, when there is continuous and constant argument in a relationship, if you argue over small things, then the love in that relationship is fading out, there is need to rekindle the love in that relationship.
How to manage the argument in your relationship
1. You have to know that arguments are normal in a relationship and you have to always remember that no matter how much you argue with your partner, he/she is still your partner and you love him/her.
2. Always give your partner time after each argument. Let him/her have time to think about what you both have argued about. Giving your partner time after arguments doesn’t necessarily mean you should leave the house if you both are living together.
3. After arguments, whether you’re wrong or not, always apologize for nagging. This will increase the love between you and your partner and corrections will be made on whatever issue you both argued about.
4. Finally, during any argument, don’t ever dare to raise your hand on your partner no matter how serious the issue is or how angry you are. Also don’t use abusive words during arguments.

Continuous and constant arguments over little issues is a sign that the love in that relationship is fading out and thus, there is need to rekindle the love in that relationship to avoid separation of both parties.
Things to do to rekindle the love in your relationship
1. Find out what went wrong in your relationship, find out why you started fighting over small issues. Is it the stress of work or other things? Then work on it.
2. Do things you used to do when your relationship was still fresh and the love will gradually start to grow again.
3. Spend more time alone by yourself and something’s will definitely make you miss your partner and your heart will draw more closely to them.
4. Take things softly on your partner, don’t react to everything you see or hear.

Rekindling the love is important to protect a relationship from shattering. Always learn to endure and be understanding and also know that arguments are normal in relationship and that shouldn’t lead to a breakup.


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