Do you know that in every love relationship, cheating is attached? Also do you know that everyone cheats? Just that the degrees are different and not everyone acts on that feeling to cheat. Do you also know that because your partner cheats on you that doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t love you? The only thing is if he/she cheats on you constantly, then the love isn’t there anymore. A lot of people might find it strange but the truth is whenever two people are tied together by LOVE, whether they like it or not, the feeling to cheat at one point in time or the other is already attached to the love. Also, because you were not caught sleeping with another person doesn’t make you so innocent because everyone in a relationship cheats just that the degrees are different and not everyone acts on the feeling to cheat. Looking at someone intensely and you start to think “oh he is so cute, oh she is so adorable, oh he has sexy lips, and oh her shape is killing”. Just the thought of things like this towards another person that isn’t your partner is cheating but when you act on this thoughts, your cheating becomes an offense to your partner. So when you find out that your partner is cheating on you, don’t let the first thing that comes to your mind be ‘oh he/she doesn’t love me anymore’ rather let it be “why did he/she act on this feeling”. Of course there must be a reason why your partner acted on the thoughts he/she had. So the first thing when you catch your partner cheating is to find out why he/she acted on that feeling. If your partner is cheating on you and you find out, that doesn’t mean you should end things with him/her rather give room for repentance and if the fault is from you, then you have to make amendments. Cheating doesn’t call for a breakup rather it calls for things to be made right in a relationship. Also because you were forgiven once after caught cheating doesn’t give you the sole right to cheat on your partner again. For you partner to be able to forgive you after you were caught cheating, it means he/she love and he/she deserves your respect for the rest of their life. Respect your partner and stay loyal.

There is a difference between if you catch your partner cheating and you forgive him/her and he/she repents and if you catch your partner cheating and you forgive him/her but he/she doesn’t change nor repent. If you catch your partner cheating on daily basis then the truth is this is no longer a feeling acted on but an addiction and addictions are always hard to break. If you so love your partner and your relationship then you have to sit tight and help your partner break this addiction rather than leaving him/her. Well some people find it difficult to adapt and they eventually leave their relationship but leaving isn’t the solution to all problems.

Some say ” men cheat for sex while women cheat for love” but I don’t believe that. Many cheat because they find it hard to conquer that feeling to cheat. For some it’s just a one time mistake that won’t be repeated, for some it’s obsession and an addiction. Cheating is a feeling that is always attached to a love relationship and everyone cheats just that some people have the ability to fight and conquer this feeling but some act on it. Breaking up with your partner because you caught him/her cheating indicates you were never ready for those “bitter moments” in your relationship which also shows your love wasn’t unconditional. You should always give room for a wrong person to repent no matter how hard it seems, unconditional love can conquer it all.


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