Relationship scenarios are like real life scenarios. It is difficult for most people to give up on a dream or passion, instead of giving up, they fight for it. Many people fight for what they believe in instead of following what the crowd believes in. If you love someone as much as you’ve claimed, why give up on such person? Even if the person has the worst character/behavior ever, love overlooks it and focuses on the good side of that person. If everyone gives up on their dreams or passion, there won’t be people like ‘Bill Gates’ and the likes. Just as you follow-up and fight for what you want or what you want to be, you can also fight for your place in a person’s heart. You can’t give up on what you like or love easily, you have to turn that thing into an addiction till you finally get it.

I agree that some people are difficult to stick to, but do you think love is that easy? Yes it might be easy but not as easy as you may think. If survival is a difficult life challenge, why should getting a person’s heart be easy? If you find it difficult to keep fighting to get a person’s heart, do you know my advice for you? Give yourself a break and try again. Give the person some fresh air and relieve yourself of the stress and then try again. If you value your relationship, cherish a person and love them as you claim, giving up isn’t an option.


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