They say love is crazy, sweet, great and above all brings both happiness and some trying moments with it but I think a human’s heart is the craziest thing ever. A person’s heart need not to be spoilt with money or riches before it falls for a particular person. A person’s heart just works in a way it can to make a person happy. Don’t you think it is crazy when you find yourself falling in love with someone you’ve never imagined you’ll fall for, someone you think isn’t in your cliché? Well it’s not that crazy, the heart falls for the person it feels more comfortable with. I don’t blame people who fall in love with another person outside their relationship or marriage, the heart directs a human to the place of its comfort and happiness, the only thing I blame them for is for the hurt they’re going to cause to the people they are leaving behind. Some people think they’re being stupid if they fall for the same person over and over again, my dear, you aren’t being stupid and it’s not your fault, it’s your heart. It keeps falling for a particular person and keeps making you look stupid but to your heart, it’s leading you to the place of your happiness, so don’t blame yourself nor your heart. You can’t control your heart neither can you force it to stay in a place of discomfort, it’s your heart that’s in control of your emotions and not you. Do you think it is your doing that you fell for the person you like? Hell no, whether you like someone or not, your heart still decides who to fall for.

I have fallen for someone three different times in different years and it got to a point I told myself I was being stupid because I started to do stupid things but I later got to understand it’s not all of my doing but my heart that is controlling me. What do you think happens when you’ve decided not call/text someone because you’re angry at them but you find yourself doing so? It because your heart cares for that person and can’t let you stay angry at person. Don’t think you’re been stupid or crazy because you keep falling for the same person over and over again. Just think of it as a gift from your heart because the heart alone knows where it happiness lies. Also, don’t think you’re being stupid when you find yourself doing unimaginable things, just let your heart take control because you never know where/who it will lead you to.



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